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  • Central Rand Director's Corner.



    The last several years have been very difficult for this organisation, but we have pulled through. There is now light at the end of the tunnel.

  • In-patient Treatment Services. In-patient drug abuse rehabilitation in South Africa is still a luxury that many citizen can hardly afford, yet the problem is escalating beyond control.

  • Ke Moja i'm fine without drug. The board has a regular discussions with the director and management about the organisation's strategy. Members recieve timely, regular reports for their duties.

School programme»

About the Programme.

This is one of the programmes that the organisation pays attention to, as there has been an increase in schools reffering students who are caught in the act of smoking dagga, cigarettes, benzeme or under the influence of alcohol.

Holiday Programme »

About the Programme.

The holiday programme ensures that while schools are in recess, young people have an alternative to drug abuse. This programme exposes the youth to a variety of activities to keep them occupied during holidays.

Poppets »

About the Programme.

Programmes of Primary Prevention Educating Through Stories (POPPETS), primary objectives is to educate and train teachers, impart the young on the effects of substance abuse, sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS through the use of poppets.

Door to door campaign »

About the Programme.

The door to door campaigns are one of theways of direct marketing strategies the organisation uses to enable the communities to be acquinted with the organisation's services. SANCA Central Rand is an organisation that prides its self for reaching out to the communities.

Community Development

  • As poverty, unemployment, crime and abuse are problems we are faced with on a daily basis, we provide a number of services to communities e.g. help with needs assessment, initiate job creation projects and arrange skills training.

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  • These programmes include offering training and educational programmes to schools, professionals, para-professionals and community groups on how to meet their specific needs I respect of information on alcohol and drugs.

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  • SANCA offers out-patient treatment programme for the alcohol and drug dependent persons through therapeutic assessments, medical assessments, on-going therapy and aftercare. The in-patient services in Golden harvest.

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